Cassin's Kingbird
Tyrannus vociferans

Cassin's Kingbird, Tyrannus vociferansOne sunny afternoon, a pair of Cassin's kingbirds sat on the wire above my back yard for a considerable length of time.  They carried on a lengthy conversation using quite a variety of sounds.  Cassin's kingbird looks very much like the less common, in this area, tropical kingbird.  the key difference is a notch in the tail of the tropical species.

Cassin's Kingbird, Tyrannus vociferansLike other kingbirds, Cassin's kingbird likes a high perch to watch for passing insects.  On this bird you can see the thin white band on the end of the tail.

Cassin's Kingbird, Tyrannus vociferansThe kingbird will fly a loop out to capture flying prey and return to the same perch to waite for another.

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