Cliff Swallow
Hirundo pyrrhonota

Cliff Swallow, Hirundo pyrrhonotaThe cliff swallows are difficult to photograph because they are always moving, very fast.  By shooting many pictures near a nesting colony, I managed to get a few pictures with birds in them.  This swallow is flying away from us, so you see the color of its rump.

Cliff Swallow, Hirundo pyrrhonota This swallow is flying toward us, so you see its white forehead.

Cliff Swallow, Hirundo pyrrhonota The nest of the cliff swallow is made of mud and attached to protected areas of buildings, bridges, or other structures.  It is jug shaped, with the opening pointed downward.  The swallows enter by flying up into the opening.

Cliff Swallow, Hirundo pyrrhonotaOne swallow is just arriving under the eaves as another is just leaving (see the white forehead).

Cliff Swallow, Hirundo pyrrhonotaA good view of a swallow braking to turn upward into the opening of the nest.

Cliff Swallow, Hirundo pyrrhonotaA rare occasion, this cliff swallow not only perched on the wire above my yard, but waited while I went inside, got my camera and came back out to take this picture.

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