Nymphicus hollandicus

Many exotic birds, imported for collectors and as pets, manage to escape.  In southern California even tropical species may survive quite a while in the wild.  Some species have established feral (wild) flocks.

 Nymphicus hollandicus This cockatiel showed up in my yard one day.  Then went to a neighbors yard where it was caught and taken inside.  A few days later, the neighbor wondered why the bird was suddenly being much noisier than usual.  There was another cockatiel on the wire outside, conversing with it.  That cockatiel didn't wish to be taken in.  It stayed up high.

 Nymphicus hollandicus Some escaped birds, perhaps they had not intended to escape, but don't know how to return, have had enough of wide, wild world.  They are quite content to find a secure, friendly home.  This cockatiel seems very happy with his new people and home.

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