Peach-Faced Lovebird
Agapornis roseicollis

Once upon a time, in the late 20th century, my daughter saw an unusual bird in our yard.  While she held the outdoor cat.  I took out a dish of seed left by a recently deceased parakeet.  The lovebird had apparently not done well at finding food in the wild.  As he sat on the edge of the dish feasting, I carried it and him inside.  The rainbow lorikeet, who was grieving for the parakeet (his foster mom, but that's another very long story) let out a happy screech.  The lovebird reciprocated.

peach-faced lovebird,
 Agapornis roseicollis This peach-faced lovebird had had all he wanted of the "great outdoors".  He saw the cage vacated by the parakeet cleaned and empty, and he took possession.  No one was going to get him out of that cage without a bloody fight.  For weeks, when we opened cage doors to let our birds out to play, the lovebird would go no farther than the outside of HIS cage.  The lovebird and the lori were lifelong buddies.

peach-faced lovebird, 
Agapornis roseicollis Here the lovebird visits the lame albino zebra finch, a refugee of a different sort (that's also a long story).  He also enjoyed playing tag with the indoor cat (some people nearly had heart attacks).  The cat really was very protective of the birds.

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