Pigeon, Columba livia

Pigeon (Rock Dove)
Columba livia

The rock dove, commonly known as the pigeon, was brought to America to continue Old World customs.  They were raised both for the table and for sport.  Over the years many escaped.  Pigeons found the city environment quite suitable, and have become so numerous that they have become pests in many places.

Columba liviaJust about every city and town has its flocks of feral (gone wild) pigeons.

Columba liviaBecause of the breeding efforts of pigeon fanciers, feral pigeons have a wide variety of color patterns.  This photo shows a small sample their variation.  Most people enjoy feeding the birds once in a while.  But some insist on feeding many every day.

Columba liviaThis blue bar pattern is close to that of the wild rock doves of Europe and Asia.

Columba liviaThose who delight in large flocks of urban pigeons don't have to live with this mess outside their front doors.

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