Corvus corax

Raven, Corvus coraxI occasionally see the common raven flying over my yard. In Southern California the ravens are hill birds, they like to soar on the up drafts. When flying from one hilly area to another, ravens alternate flapping and gliding. Crows seldom soar and glide only when landing.

Raven, Corvus corax When vocalizing, the feathers on the throat of the raven fluff out more than on a crow. Notice that the raven is all black, every part, just like the crow.

Raven, Corvus corax Since this raven was nice enough to perch on a street light for his picture, I have included a picture of a crow on a similar perch.  They are sized to the same scale for easy comparison. Notice the beak of the raven is proportionately larger than the crow's. The raven's tail is more rounded, though this raven has molted some of its tail feathers.

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