Scrub Jay
Ophelocoma coerulescens

Scrub Jay, Ophelocoma coerulescensThe scrub jay is a bird of the hills and mountains.  During the winter some of them migrate to the lower elevations.  However, in recent years a few have decided that they prefer city life year round.  At least one pair has nested in our neighborhood.

Scrub Jay, Ophelocoma coerulescensMany people refer to any jay as a "blue jay".  The scrub jay has less blue than some of the other jays. It generally lives in the chaparral scrub of the drier hills and mountains. When nesting in our area, the jays come into conflict with the local mockingbirds.

Scrub Jay, Ophelocoma coerulescensLike other jays, scrub jays scavenge and beg at picnic areas.

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